Unique Commisions

Hi, This a ring I designed and made for the same client that had the sea shell cuff made from my previous post. She had some sapphires from some other jewellery that she wanted crafted into a ring with a similar theme to the cuff I made. Here are some drawings.

Unique sapphire ring

Next are some working shots, I went with all the sapphires, as my client really wanted them all put in. As shown in my drawings I wasn't to sure about putting the four stones in the ring, thinking it would look to cluttered and the odd number aesthetic being preferable. But I'm really glad she pushed (gently) for all four. It works and adds extra interest.

unique sapphire ring
unique sapphire ring

The next pictures are of my client wearing the ring. She was very happy and has told me it's like a second skin, which makes me very happy :-)

unique sapphire ring
unique sapphire ring
unique sapphire ring
unique sapphire ring and shell cuff

This ring is hand crafted using sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, 3 pear cut blue sapphires, one cushion cut Ceylon sapphire and 6 1-2 point diamonds. The finish is a light oxidised patina, and two size hammered textures.  Nicole Smith Tasmania Australia.

Unique Commisions

Just recently I have finished two custom pieces for a lady who saw my work at a craft fair, liked my style so commissioned me to design and make her something.

The first piece was a cuff bangle for which my now client had some small cowrie shells that she wanted incorporated as the feature on this cuff.

My client was very happy with these ideas so I went a head and made a start, carving in the wax.

commision jewellery rendering
wax carved jewellery cuff
commision jewellery renderings
wax carved jewellery cuff with cowrie shells

Above the cuff with the settings for the shells, and right iv'e put the shells in with blue-tack and blue-tacked the wax coral on to get an idea of how it will look.

silver and gold exclusive cuff in progress
silver and gold exclusive cuff in progress

Above is the unique cuff in progress. It's come back form the casters i've cleaned it up and also the gold coral inspired accents. My next move is to solder the gold pieces on, also in the picture you can see i've added the little gold balls which represent sea bubbles.

The metals are sterling silver 925, 9ct yellow gold 375, and 18ct yellow gold 750.

silver and gold exclusive commision cuff with cowrie shells
silver and gold exclusive commision cuff

This is the final image I have of this unique cuff, completely finished and being worn by the client. I got the impression that she was very happy with the work I did for her as she immediately commissioned another exclusive piece, a ring. I'll talk about that next time.

exclusive cuff bangle worn by client.

exclusive cuff bangle worn by client.

Nicole Smith, Tasmania, Australia.

New unique ring fished.

Yesterday I finished the unique ring from my last post, I decided to set a bullet amethyst stone in the top of the turreted tower.

The finish on the ring is satin and an oxidised patina.

I'm really happy with the choice, both the decision to set a stone and the style of stone, colour, well near everyone likes purple.

I liked the ring before the stone was in but now that it is I can see that it wasn't quite finished, the amethyst caps it off nicely. 

This ring is called 'Citadel of an Evening Sky'.

Looking up at an Evening Sky.

New unique ring under way.

Not long back from the casters is this building ring I made ages ago and finally decided to get it cast. I'm reasonably happy with it, only a little bit of pitting from the casting (which can happen) that will just take more time to clean up. So i'm looking forward to seeing how it finishes off, and i'm a little undecided whether or not to set a stone in the top. I had planned to do so but... ah dunno.

Still has the sprues on :-)

Still has the sprues on :-)

Ok so thats my ring so far. I'll put up the finished pics on the sit in rings under architectural, and make a little not of it here.

Also if there is any one who reads this and would like to suggest on the stone yah or nay in this ring that would be welcome. It would go in the top of the tower.

Thanks Nikki :-)

Inspiration for unique jewellery from myrtle forest.

Below are some pictures I took of fungi in myrtle forest at Collins vale in Southern Tasmania.

I went on a field trip with my friend Fi so she could get some pictures of fungi for her photography. I took my camera along to have a go too.

A few weeks later I decided to take them off my camera and have a look at what at i had captured. Nice pictures in them selves....Hmmm not so much, but unexpected inspiration for some unique jewellery.


So my thoughts are these. From the first 3 images cute little mushrooms anchored on a textured base that will represent the trunk that they grow out of, as a pendant.

In sterling silver, the trunk base oxidised (blackened) and slightly polished back to reveal the silver, and the mushrooms a high polished silver finish.

The next 4 images are for there shape and texture, I think there are some interesting pendant or neck pieces and wrist cuffs here.

I will work on taking these images and ides and turning them into wearable art drawn from nature :-)

I'll update soon when they're in wax to show how these ideas are panning out. Nikki xxx