Inspiration for unique jewellery from myrtle forest.

Below are some pictures I took of fungi in myrtle forest at Collins vale in Southern Tasmania.

I went on a field trip with my friend Fi so she could get some pictures of fungi for her photography. I took my camera along to have a go too.

A few weeks later I decided to take them off my camera and have a look at what at i had captured. Nice pictures in them selves....Hmmm not so much, but unexpected inspiration for some unique jewellery.


So my thoughts are these. From the first 3 images cute little mushrooms anchored on a textured base that will represent the trunk that they grow out of, as a pendant.

In sterling silver, the trunk base oxidised (blackened) and slightly polished back to reveal the silver, and the mushrooms a high polished silver finish.

The next 4 images are for there shape and texture, I think there are some interesting pendant or neck pieces and wrist cuffs here.

I will work on taking these images and ides and turning them into wearable art drawn from nature :-)

I'll update soon when they're in wax to show how these ideas are panning out. Nikki xxx