New unique ring under way.

Not long back from the casters is this building ring I made ages ago and finally decided to get it cast. I'm reasonably happy with it, only a little bit of pitting from the casting (which can happen) that will just take more time to clean up. So i'm looking forward to seeing how it finishes off, and i'm a little undecided whether or not to set a stone in the top. I had planned to do so but... ah dunno.

Still has the sprues on :-)

Still has the sprues on :-)

Ok so thats my ring so far. I'll put up the finished pics on the sit in rings under architectural, and make a little not of it here.

Also if there is any one who reads this and would like to suggest on the stone yah or nay in this ring that would be welcome. It would go in the top of the tower.

Thanks Nikki :-)